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Tourism in Chile

Chile, a country located in the extreme south of America, offers a wide range of tourism, nature, and sport events. It is one of the main tourist destinations of South America



The north of Chile draws the attention of tourists and athletes for its wide range of attractions. We can find the driest desert in the world, the Valley of the Moon, San Pedro de Atacama, Elqui Valley and the best beaches and waves to practice watersports.

The sport events in this area are characterized by high temperatures and extreme conditions, which make this area a very attractive place for competitors who are looking for challenges.



Rapa Nui is one of the most wonderful places in Chile and the World. You’ll find an ancient culture that lasts very strongly until this day and an incredible nature throughout the island.

Its gastronomy, natural parks, beaches, mountains and mysterious traditions make Easter Island one of the great tourist attractions.

Sports is also an important part of the island, hundreds of people participate in various sporting events full of nature and new challenges.




The great capital Santiago, center of numerous sport events of all disciplines, including winter sports, which are characterized by their challenging routes thanks to the high mountains that surround the city.

The region of Valparaiso, with the main port of the country and the central valley. Join us for challenges that takes you to beautiful landscapes and cultural experiences.

The wine and the important vineyards of the central zone of the country are recognized worldwide



Where nature shows the best of it in its incredible forests, hot springs, lakes, rivers and an endless number of beautiful places to visit. You will find nautical sports and challenging competitions in a region full of flora and fauna.

Patagonia and Antarctica highlight an unaltered nature, full of mountains, glaciers and forests. We highlight the Torres del Paine and the sports experiences of the area.

Additional information

In the multiple cities of the country it is possible to find ATMs with relative ease that allow you to extract money in the local currency. At the same time, a large part of the established stores allow to pay with international bank cards. Although in Chile some businesses accept dollars or euros, it is convenient to make the change to Chilean pesos, always in established stores, in this way the difference in the conversion will be less.

Chile has a wide variaty of weathers and the four seasons of the year well differentiated. The warmest season is between October and April and the season with the lowest temperatures lasts between May and September.

The temperature is declining as you travel south. In the north the heat of the day is permanent during the year, while the nights are much colder. The central zone is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, and the south by lower temperatures and more recurrent rainfall throughout the year.

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